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November 10 - 13, 2018    |    Palacongressi Di Rimini, IT

The AMCLI (Association of Italian Clinical Microbiologists) from 1970 deals with the Clinical Microbiology by promoting scientific research and training, providing valuable support and indispensable to the clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases, with the promotion of clinical diagnostic and therapeutic pathways.

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Discussion on the various Regional approaches and / or individual hospitals / PU facilities, with an extended comparison, during a round table discussion, on the topic of Sepsis and Stewardship

Sala Castello



Monday November 12 2018
2:45pm – 4:15pm

Clinical Problems and First Ideas on a Possible Campania Regional Model

Presented by: Carlo Tascini

Experience at the University PTV Polyclinic in Rome and First Recommendations on "Critical Patient Management"

Presented by: Carla Fontana

Regional Model of Tuscany

Presented by: Tommaso Giani | Bruno Viaggi

Regional Model of Sicily

Presented by: Stefania Stefani | Antonino Giarratano

CODIGO SEPSIS "The Clinical Care Model in the Catalan and Spanish Health System"

Presented by: Juan Carlos Yébenes

Final round table discussion

Presented by: Andrea Vannucci-Direttore ARS Regione Toscana | Francesco Ripa di Meana – Direttore Generale IFO –Presidente FIASO | Pierangelo Clerici –Presidente AMCLI | Romney Humphries- Accelerate Diagnostics –Chief Scientific Officer

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