Studies Confirm Rapid Phenotypic Susceptibility Results Enable Earlier Antimicrobial Intervention and Better Patient Outcomes

Oct 03, 2019

From IDWeek™, the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) held in Washington, DC October 2 – 6.

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. today announced presentation of full data from three outcome studies at IDWeek™ 2019. The full data being presented build upon the high-level findings that were first reported in the Company’s September 18, 2019 press release.

 “We are thrilled to see these data, which demonstrate conclusively that the Accelerate PhenoTest™ BC kit positively impacts clinical outcomes across a diverse set of institutions and patient populations. The studies show an improvement in antibiotic use, a necessary factor for lowering the risk of multidrug-resistant infections and in preserving the patient’s vital functions, while also improving the hospital’s bottom line by reducing patient length of stay,” commented  Dr. Romney Humphries, Chief Scientific Officer of Accelerate Diagnostics and former UCLA Section Chief for Clinical Microbiology.

The first of the studies is RAPIDS-GN ( # NCT03218397), a randomized controlled trial conducted at Mayo Clinic and UCLA. RAPIDS-GN focused on Gram-negative bacteremia and randomized patients to be tested by the BC kit or legacy methods. The study met the primary endpoint of therapy optimization, reporting time to first Gram-negative antibiotic change a full 24 hours sooner than legacy methods (17.4 hours vs. 42.1 hours, p<0.01) and time to any antibiotic change 6 hours sooner (8.6 hours vs. 14.9 hours, p=0.02).

 “This study was a success. We believe that shortening the time from empiric to targeted antibiotic therapy by over 24 hours is a clinically significant difference as more rapid, actionable results can lead to better care for patients with sepsis,” said Dr. Ritu Banerjee, PI of RAPIDS-GN and former Mayo Clinic MD PhD.


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