Antimicrobial Stewardship team from Tampa General Hospital sees improvements after implementing Accelerate Pheno

Antimicrobial Stewards from Tampa General Hospital see improvements after implementing Accelerate Pheno

Jun 09, 2020

Infectious Diseases Pharmacists from the antimicrobial stewardship team at Tampa General Hospital shared their process for evaluating and implementing new diagnostic technology to support efforts to improve sepsis outcomes and hospital length of stay, among other metrics at their hospital.

Published in Pharmacy Purchasing & Products and Medical Lab Management, Drs. Ripal Jariwala, Nicholas Piccicacco, and Kristen Zeitler emphasized the importance of Microbiology and antimicrobial stewardship teams working together to evaluate and make a case to the C-Suite for specific technologies. Ultimately deciding to implement the Accelerate Pheno® system, they described holding multiple meetings to discuss due diligence, local institutions that had already adopted, and published outcomes supporting the expected benefits.

“Since implementation of the platform, our institution has shown an impressive decrease in the time to pathogen identification and susceptibility reporting…Once data was available for clinicians, we also saw swift de-escalation was taken for most patients.”

In a sidebar focused on the implementation of the Accelerate Pheno system, the authors cited “an impressive decrease in the time to pathogen identification and susceptibility reporting” and “swift de-escalation” for most patients.

Plans are moving ahead, the authors write, to expand upon the initial improvements, the outcomes measured, and provider education to ensure that the new rapid results aid clinical decision-making and make a difference for patients.

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