Patient Case: 76-year-old female patient with pancreatic cancer

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ICU De-Escalation Patient

76-year-old female patient with pancreatic cancer with liver and lung metastases and a history of COPD presents to ED with fever and worsening abdominal pain after an IR biopsy of liver lesion. She was given pain medication but became lethargic and began to have respiratory distress. Blood cultures were drawn, and she was admitted to the ICU.

Empiric therapy Vancomycin and cefepime
ID/AST method Accelerate PhenoTest® BC kit
ID result Escherichia coli
AST results Highly susceptible profile
Therapy change De-escalated to ceftriaxone
Time to AST results ∼7h post +BC with Accelerate PhenoTest BC kit

Case Discussion

The patient was transferred out of the ICU 3 days after admission and was discharged home on oral ciprofloxacin the next day.

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