Patient Case: 78-year-old male patient

University Hospital Augusta

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Bug/Drug Mismatch Patient — Gram Positive

78 yo man admitted with fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain for 1 day. On exam he is ill appearing, vitals are stable, temp 38.5°C, physical exam unremarkable except RUQ pain, aortic stenosis murmur. RUQ pain consistent with acute cholecystitis. IAI suspected, and patient undergoes cholecystectomy

Empiric therapyErtapenem
ID/AST methodAccelerate PhenoTest® BC kit, in parallel with traditional methods (MALDI-TOF MS and VITEK®2)
ID resultEnterococcus faecium
Therapy changeHospitalist and ASP pharmacist optimize to Zosyn, ID consulted. Switched to ampicillin
AST resultsAmpicillin (S), daptomycin (S), linezolid (S), vancomycin (S)
Time to AST results∼7h post +BC with Accelerate PhenoTest® BC kit (versus traditional method of ∼99h with VITEK)
Patient outcomeDischarged

Case Discussion

The infection-causing organism was not originally covered by empiric therapy. Antibiotic optimization possible after Accelerate ID result.

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